Kanakaveda Height Consent Form

             I, hereby, authorize Kanakaveda Ayurveda and whomever he designates as his assistant to help me in my height increasing effects and my coexisting medical condition. I understand that my program consists of a balanced diet, a regular YOGA, exercise, advised marma therapy instruction in behavior modification techniques, and the use of Ayurvedic Medicines. I understand that Ayurvedic Medicine doesn’t have side effects. I understand that the success of this treatment will depend on my efforts and that there is no assurance that the program will be successful.
Note: Till the treatment is fully complete the patient should visit virtually / personally weekly for follow up.
•             Once the fees paid will not be transfer or given back.
•             If the patient is taking allopathic treatment for any illness, He should first consult his concerned doctor to stop the medication or reduce the dose of medicine. Pt. should not stop medication on his own.
•             I’m aware, to give permission to Kanakaveda can use my before and after photos or videos for any publication and presentation for betterment of Society.
•             I’m aware that I can’t take other Ayurvedic / Unani / Allopathic or Homeopathy treatment while taking this treatment.
•             Height of an individual is determined by many factors – Genetics, Gender, Hormonal Imbalance, nutritional status and general health, few medical conditions like Dwarfism, Arthritis, Untreated Celiac diseases, Cancer, prolonged use of Steroids, Down syndromes, Turner syndrome, Marfan syndromes.
Avoid: As per Kanakaveda Ayurveda Physician advised.
I understand that result of treatment vary from patient to patient success of treatment depends on my commitment and sincerity.    
I understand all these above-mentioned factors and agree with terms and conditions.
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