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                        The word Veda means knowledge, knowledge of eternal truth. Veda not only was compiled about knowledge of eternal truth but also consisted about how to live a healthy life. And the section which dealt with healthy living is known as AYURVEDA which is part of Atharvaveda (fourth Veda). Herein we have made attempt to provide Scientific information-Education and Health services with our traditional knowledge of making herbal formulations and oils, Panchkarma , Nadi-vigyan (Science of pulse reading), Marma with combination of Mantras (mystical formulas), Yantra (mystical diagrams), Yoga-mudras (mystical hand postures), Yoga-asana(mystical body gestures), Pranayama (art of breathing), Meditation (art of being no mind) and Naturopathy for not only healthy physical body but also for healthy metaphysical-bodies, mind and upliftment of soul.

                          Kanakaveda Ayurveda have also combined Naturopathy like Auto-urine therapy (shivambu), Cowpathy, Mudpathy & Alternative Therapies like HOMEOPATHY, Acupressure, Gempathy, Color therapy. We are successfully running “Fight With OBESITY” program, as a compressive Health Care provider, we are providing services including specialties like Pain Management, Obesity Management, Diabetes Management, Endocrine Disorders, Orthopedic, Gynecology, Neurology, dermatology, pediatrics etc. We have research based, proven & customized  Weight Loss Program and Height Increasing Programs

Kanakaveda Ayurveda's Height Increasing - Grow Well Program

             Treatment will depend on the cause of the short stature.
If there are signs of malnutrition, the child may need nutritional supplements or treatment for a bowel disorder or other condition that is preventing them from absorbing nutrients. In Modern medicine growth hormone  (human growth hormone) for  height increase. Treatment is vary from patient to patient. People try so many things to increase height. 

Holistic way to Increase height.

Kanakaveda Ayurveda’s Height grow program is a Research Base Signature  program of Kanakaveda. In this program you can increase your height without surgery, without side effects. Ayurvedic Medicines are using to increase your height. This is a customized program according to your Prakruti.

This program is for those people who are short stature, whose height is not increasing according to age. This program leads to significant height increase without disturbing your daily activities. 

Does Early puberty affect  Child Height ?

     Early puberty is also called as precocious puberty, this is the period of transformation from child to adults. This is seen in 1 in 5000 children, in this girls puberty age group start age 8 yrs  to 13 yrs of age and in boys age 9 yrs to 14 yrs age.

      The symptoms of precocious puberty are similar to regular puberty. It affects the child  emotionally and physically .

One of the main physical effects is visible in the child’s height. They end up relatively shorter than their actual potential. The main reason for this is the end of puberty marks the end of the main growing years.

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